Tulip 20oz (57cl)

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Product Description

One of the two most traditional and iconic beer glass shapes of all, the Tulip beer glass is a classic in the Hospitality industry. This generic shape boasts universal appeal and provides a versatile serve for numerous beers, ciders, lagers, ales and more. Made from Fully Toughened glass, the Tulip is a cost effective and durable choice. Fully Toughened glassware has been strengthened across its entire body making the glass resistant to impact damage at all points. When Toughened glass does break, it will break into small fragments making it impossible to cause serious lacerations. This makes Tulip glasses an obvious choice for outlets following license stipulations or those seeking to prevent glass related violence. A number of glasses within the Tulip collection are also available lined and CE stamped, as well as Activator Max and Activator Performance, laser etching nucleation technologies that enhance the appearance of carbonated drinks. See the What We Do area of the website to find out about all of the personalisation opportunities that are available.


  • Weight: 19200 g
  • Width: 85 cm
  • Height: 159 cm

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