Draft Stemmed Beer 13.5oz (38cl) L@ 10oz CE

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Utopia’s extensive range of beer glasses covers everything from stemware, to tumblers to tankards suitable for all types of beers and environments. Perfect for maintaining a foamy head, the tulip shape of the stemmed Draft prolongs a pleasurable drinking experience. As well as this a number of glasses within the collection are available lined and CE stamped and also with nucleation. Nucleation involves the etching of the bottom of the glass and is designed to increase the effervescence of the product and maintain the head of the drink, as well as improving the appearance of beverages when served. See the What We Do area of the website to find out about all of the personalisation opportunities that are available.


  • Weight: 152400 g
  • Width: 79 cm
  • Height: 190 cm

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